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Northern New York Parts is a family owned & operated small business and we are located in Upstate New York just shy of the Canadian border. Our main goal is to provide great quality parts and services at an affordable price. We are still old school in that a hand shake and someone's word still means something. We do take the time with every customer on the phone looking up parts or working on someone's lawn mower to make sure you get the 1 on 1 service you deserve. We really do want your business and you are "very" important to us!

Our business is made up of on-line sales, repair work and walk in sales. With our on-line sales. we pride ourselves on a quick turn around from the time of the order being placed to the time being shipped. Our service shop is one of the best in the area with having great mechanics that are willing to listen to the customers needs and do the needed repairs in a short amount of time. The bulk of our repair work is from returning customers and word of mouth. Our retail sales locally is great as well with most customers thrilled that we actually have the parts in stock and much lower in price than found elsewhere.

The business was first formed in 2008 and at the time we were operating out of an old heifer barn doing basic repairs and ordering parts locally. One of the biggest hurdles like any business is attracting customers and having on hand parts needed for repair work and walk in sales. Most of our customer were looking to get the parts quickly and if we didn't have it, they simply went elsewhere. At that time repair work was also linked to how long it would take to get the parts needed to make those repairs and there were times it took over 2 weeks just to get the parts to do the repairs. Customers were not happy. We needed to find a way to solve this issue.

  Midway in 2009 we did just that and took our business on-line selling through a number of venues of new and used parts. From there it became apparent that we needed to come up with a better way to get the parts needed and cut the waiting times to a minimal. With already owning a web development company that did business websites on a daily bases..it only seemed logical to take that next step of trying to increase sales on parts through on-line sales to get better prices from the manufacture. www.nnyparts.com was born. It was a slow start of building trust relationships one at a time with customers and vendors. It wasn't long before our on-line sales became the bulk of our main business of supplying parts and the service and repair end of the business took a backseat.

Old Shop  

In 2011, we invested a lot of time and money remodeling what was to be our new home for the business a 120' X 40' structure. We were weeks away from moving everyone and all the inventory from the attached heifer over to the larger main barn when a triple wall chimney pipe failed and started a fire. That was January 1st of 2012, what a way to start the new year. Not only did we loose the main remodeled barn, but the heifer barn as well with all the inventory, computers, printers and shop equipment. It was a total loss.

2012 Fire Business Fire Business Fire 2012

We had to make a choice at that point of...do we just give up or do we put our nose to the grindstone and push on. We opted to push on and keep our employees on payroll while we found a new home for the business to restart again. It took us a couple of months to get set-up in a cramped 20' X 36' temporary home for the business with only having the ability to do on-line sales and shipping. In May of 2012 a building larger was bought. It came with two shop bays so that our mechanics could start doing repairs again. We had these guys doing the complete remodel on the new building and finally moved in November.

In 2012 we entered into the farm parts and service end of our business. A website was developed www.myfarmparts.com and we started getting orders within a few weeks of going live. With being in the Dairy farming business for over 30 years and with working on our own tractors and equipment...it was an easy fit. We already knew what most farmers were looking for and what it meant to have a tractor down and needing it repaired quickly. We could not only talk the talk...but walk the walk as well. We also at this time started taking on farm tractor repairs. The first year found us with doing complete engine overhauls to new clutch and brake repairs being done.

We are not by any means a large corporation with many employees. Your talking at most 5 of us involved in the day to day business of taking orders over the phone and on-line. Every customer is important to us! We do out best on a daily bases to get our customers the best prices and to get them the parts they need in the shortest amount of time. So if your looking for a place to buy your parts or in need of repair work done that will help a family business willing to give you the 1 on 1 attention your deserve...were it.

As you can see in the photos below, we are a family run and owned business. In the first photo its me and my grandson, second one is of my daughter Erin with my grand daughter and third is my son Robert.

Eric - CEO Major Stockholder

Eric Edie
CEO - Major Stockholder
Erin - President 

Erin Edie
Robert - Vice President

Robert Edie
Vice President

We know and understand the parts we sell and how they need to be installed. Most places just sell parts. If you buy a part from us or anyone else for that matter and run into problems trying to install it, simply give us a call. I will personally put you on the phone with one of our mechanic that can walk you through the process of doing the install or repair. Where else can you get that level of service?

Thank you for visiting our "About us" page and please let us know how we can help or improve what were already doing.

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