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Service & Warranty
Service & Warranty

If your in the local area and need your machine fixed, we would very much like to get your business. We are still old school of where honestly, integrity and our reputation is what separates us from others. We really want you to come back when your in need of other repairs and also feel good about passing on our information to your family & friends that may also be in need of our services.

Our goal is to keep the cost of the repairs to a minimum and to do what is needed to fix the issue or issues. We want you are happy and satisfied with the service that was performed. We also want you to have the trust and confidence in us that you are being treated honestly and fairly. You encourage you at any time to ask questions or voice concerns about the service that you are receiving. We want you 100% happy with the work done and how you were treated. The only dumb question here is one that is not asked.

What do you work on?

Small Engine

We service and repair Lawn Mowers, Snow blowers, Chainsaws, Wood Splitters, Air Compressors, Baja Motorsports (mini Bikes, dirt bikes, ATV and doodle bugs), Massimo vehicles, weed eaters & leaf blowers. We do chainsaw chain and mower blade sharpening.


We can do most of the things needed to keep your ATV or UTV on the trails. Its easier to say what we don’t do. We do not have the dyno testing equipment so that would require you to find a dealer that does. We do complete services with synthetic oils, check all levels, replace


We do work on compact tractors and smaller Farm tractors. We need to be able to get it into our shop out of the weather to do the much needed repairs. So our restrictions are 9 foot wide by 7 foot high. We can take mufflers off if needed with no problems. We do complete engine overhauls, clutch replacement, brakes, front end repairs, gauge replacements and so much more. We also run a paint shop to get the old tractor looking like new again. We do sell complete decal sets for you folks that are doing it yourself. We also have been doing carburetor rebuilds from folks outside of the area. You send it to us and we will kit it and send it back for you to put back on your tractor. Cost for this is $90.00 plus the cost of the kit itself.

Marine – Yes we do the majority of repairs needed on the engines powering your boat. If we have to come to you there is a minimum $60.00 service call and $30.00 an hour for one of our techs to work on it. You can save yourself the service call by bringing it to us on a trailer.

What do you Charge?

Shop Rate is $30.00 an hour and one of the lowest in the industry. We work on 15 minute intervals so if it took an hour and 15 minuets, you would be changed for 1 1/4 hours work. No hours are fudged! Why is it so low? Because I consider us a working mans repair shop of where most are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. Most of our customers do not have a lot of extra income to spend on repairs with shop rates between $62.00 to $78.00 an hour that our competitors charge.

If you bring your repair work here for us to work on, you can expect and receive first class treatment with our goal of getting the repairs done in the shortest amount of time possible! We opted not to get into selling whole goods such as brand new snow blowers, mowers and so on because we felt there were too many doing so already in our local area. What does that mean to you? It means you are our number one customer and not placed on a list where the business caters to folks that buy brand new from them first and you rate second to them. You will always be first to us!

Our shop turnaround is running at or around (3) days from the time it arrives here, to when the machine is fixed and ready to go home for most repairs. Of course larger projects can and do take longer depending on the repairs needed. We also buy our parts in volume and pass those savings on to you as well. We do offer a pick-up and drop-off service to customers that have no way or time to get it here and back home again. The majority of the time the cost is $30.00 and that covers both ways. Again…it depends on the distance from the shop.  We do offer an on-site service and those costs are a set $45.00 for the service call plus 1 hour labor minimum. With the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and the cost of paying a mechanic for not being here and on the road adds up quickly.

Do you do any Warranty work?

The answer is yes we do. We are an authorized service and warranty shop for many of the manufactures out there when repairs are needed for defects present from the manufacture. Tractor Supply – Presently we cover Gouverneur, Ogdensburg, Potsdam and the Malone store.

1. Campbell Hausfeld- We are the Northeast Service Center and warranty shop

2. Briggs and Stratton – We are an authorized service and warranty shop – includes Murray, Noma.

3. Kohler – We are an authorized service and warranty shop

4. Tecumseh – We are an authorized service and warranty shop

5. Homelite – We are an authorized service and warranty shop

6. Cub Cadet – We are an authorized service and warranty shop

7. MTD – We are an authorized service and warranty shop. This covers a wide range of products out there. These include MTD®, MTD Gold®, MTD Pro®, Yard-Man®, Yard Machines® and Bolens®.

8. AYP Products (American Yard Products)- We are an authorized service and warranty shop – Sears, Poulan. Husqvarna is also owned by AYP but we at this time cannot do any warranty work on these.

9. Generac – We are an authorized service and warranty shop for their portable generators .

10. Champion – We are an authorized service and warranty shop for their portable generators .

11. Baja Motor Sports – We are an authorized service and warranty shop for their mini bikes and go carts

112. Massimo – UTV We are an authorized warranty repair shop for Massimo’s


We work on all makes and models not covered under warranty from just a simple service to a complete engine overhaul. Our mechanics are the best around. . So if its your lawn mower or farm tractor…we work on them all.

What we work on…

Lawn Mowers

Farm and Compact Tractors

Boat and Motors

Baja Motorsport items

Massimo UTV’s


WWeed Eaters

Snow blowers


Brush Hogs and 3ph Tillers


Wood Splitters

Air Compressors

Pressure Washers

General repairs on ATV – we do not do engine work since most need to be dyno tested.

What repairs do we do…

General Service

Engine overhauls

Mower Deck Repairs

Welding and Fabrications

Tire repair and replacement


Blade Sharpening

Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

Transmission repairs

Clutch adjustment

Pump repairs and replacement

Everything else….